Back to “Normal”

The family is adjusting to life back home…with a sick baby. Sweet Ian is still weaning off of his drugs, has multiple dosages of different meds a day, and is incredibly weak and shaky. His little body is bruised from needles and the ECMO, and he is on steroids, making him constantly hungry, and causing his face to be  swollen, and puffy. Hasn’t been easy on mom and dad either.

Know what’s amazing? He manages to smile. He reaches out to touch your face, and he tries, despite his discomfort, to grin. It is the most beautiful smile i have ever seen. I love it, too, because we can see all his new teeth!

In spite of all this, he remains the sweetest, most darling little boy. Ginger told me today that nurses would come into his room, even if he wasn’t in their charge, just to see him. He was so beloved at the hospital!

you can see the ECMO bruising below his ear

This PICC line is in Ian’s arm indefinitely, at least while he’s still receiving Chemo.

PICC line description HERE

Above all, we are so grateful he is home!

Ian is having another Chemo treatment tomorrow morning. Please pray for that.

Another update tomorrow…~~cnp

2 thoughts on “Back to “Normal”

  1. Oh I am so glad to hear this!!! Keep getting better little one! You are loved by so many, even people who have never got to meet you!!! Sending love and positive thoughts your way constantly!!!

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