Moving Forward…

Ginger writes:

Things are starting to move forward quickly.

Caid and Ian will be having their pre-transplant workups at CHOC next week. We asked CHOC to have Dr. F, the foremost HLH doctor, consult on our case and we also have an appointment to see her in person at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital the first week of May. This is mostly to give me the peace of mind and reassurance going into this that we have the opinion of the doctor who knows about the latest advances in HLH and bone marrow transplant for HLH.

When I last spoke with our nurse at CHOC, the plan is to go into the hospital the second week of May to place Ian’s broviac line and begin pre-conditioning treatment, with June 1st being the transplant date. This may change, and the doctors are still finalizing plans for timing of one of the drugs, which will affect things too, but we know it won’t be long now either way.

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