Day +13…numbers still good!

post-nap daze…

Ginger writes:

Last night was shaping up to be bad again for Joey and Ian, but luckily we had an awesome nurse who knows all kinds of stuff about BMT. It is hard for us, because we often know something is wrong/bothering Ian, but it is hard to know exactly what it is and what could be causing the problem, since he is on a lot of medications.

This awesome nurse thought that maybe the pain medication wean was the issue and gave Ian a bolus (fancy hospital word for a quick, boost- btw, I am almost fluent in that language by now) of extra pain medication and he slept great from 3 am until 8 am. That is still a pretty rough night by any standard but an improvement over the previous night. The doctors will look at what to do with the pain meds, since the reduction of the pain drip dose was not working for him.

Thank you all for your prayers, Ian’s ANC count was up again today to 2400, which means he can leave the room and go to the Oncology Floor Playroom! Joey said that he didn’t actually get him there today, but Joey’s mom Wren took over for us this evening, and she was planning on taking him after dinner for a while. She is bravely staying the night there so that Joey and I can go to some end of school events for Caid’s Kindergarten tomorrow together, in the same place at the same time!!!

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