Day +15, playroom time, and lots of monitoring

Ginger writes:

Ian’s ANC counts have been dropping the last couple of days, yesterday the count was 1539, today it is 910. That is not unusual, there is a drug they give (GCSF – which stands for granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) in the beginning to help engraftment, but they have not been giving it for several days, so it is not unexpected to have the numbers drop.

Bruises and no hair, but still cute!

Private playroom appointment!

The day went by so much faster since we were able to go to the playroom and we are (kinda) eating meals. The oncology playroom has a specially scheduled time during the day that is for the BMT patients only.

This morning I asked for him to receive the anti nausea medication in hopes that it would help with his intake. Ian did well on his lunch today, but not really with his other meals, and I still cannot get him to drink anything. He hasn’t been drinking from a sippy cup or a bottle for several days now. He is scheduled to have a feeding evaluation on Monday, and we may have to do an NG tube (tube placed through his nostril down into his stomach) if we don’t make some improvement. Please pray that he will start drinking, we would like to avoid the NG tube. Right now, he is of course getting IV fluids.

His blood pressure still is an issue, he is on three different medications, multiple times a day to control it. As they taper the cyclosporine and steroids (he is on a lot of steroids right now – 5 mg twice a day, that is 10 mgs a day; before when he was home, he was getting 4 mg per day and we thought that was bad!) it should get better. They can taper the steroids and cyclosporine if he does not have signs of graft vs. host.

Joey and Caid will be coming down tomorrow to visit for a while, Colleen will be babysitting Henry!

Joey took Henry to Caids school yesterday, and the little guy had to run over and give his big brother this hug.

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