Day +21. Hooray!

no IVs!!

Ginger writes:

Ian had another good day! They have continued to switch over almost all of his medications to oral (instead of IV) and he is drinking better. He gets to be IV free all day, and they run fluids and medications at night time.

His ANC yesterday was 6348 (he had received the GSCF the day prior – which boosts that number) and today’s was 4000. The plan is for him to be on a regular schedule of the GSCF for the immediate future, every M/W/F, so he received another dose of it today.

They are discussing the possibility of discharge next week, if everything is continuing to go well. The plan is to… make a plan on Monday.

Joey took over today so I could come back here for a night or two. He returns to work on Monday.

Chimerism study results are not back yet. I am anxious to find out what they are, although it is more about the trend of the number from the multiple studies they will do than the actual first number.

storytime with brother and mama.

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