Day +24 big changes coming…almost home!

Ginger writes:

masked babe

Very eventful day here at CHOC, in a good way. Tonight is Ian’s first night without IV fluids running overnight. He received more platelets today to try to prevent further bruising (he looks like a little Dalmatian puppy at this point). He received his last dose of steroids tonight (hallelujah! Those are the worst for many reasons and we like to be rid of needing them). And they will be sending us home this week – maybe Thursday- if everything continues to go well.

music therapy!

I have been super busy learning everything I need to know to be Ian’s caregiver after discharge, including all his medications, some old, some new to me, heparin flushes, cap changes and dressing changes for his broviac line, and giving his injections of the GCSF. I gave his injection tonight, and boy I hope we don’t have to do these injections for too long, because I am going to get a really bad reputation with Ian quickly

not so sure about this big scary hallway…

Today was Joey’s first day back to work, so we have lots of family members going to work to rotate babysitting shifts and running errands for us.We have a cleaning crew coming tomorrow to do a thorough deep cleaning of the house and we have banished all plants to the outside or sent them to live with family. Our strict lifestyle will resume with no visitors, no public crowd outings for Ian, a special diet that avoids microbes and bacteria.

afternoon cartoons after swimming lessons

Thanks doesn’t seem like enough to what feels like the millions of people that have been supporting us in so many ways since this started. Family, friends and colleagues that know us and love us and lots of others who haven’t even met us – and all have shown us amazing love and support. We have been held up through this by all of you.

2 thoughts on “Day +24 big changes coming…almost home!

  1. That’s wonderful news!! We were in the clinic today and the charge nurse Karen who is in OICU was talking to us and Alex says his 2 friends are over there, Ian and Bryant. He showed her the picture of Ian and him in the playroom and she says “Oh yeah I just took care of Ian at night”. So Alex was telling her about him. He will always be in our thoughts and prayers, we look forward to seeing him/you guys again.

  2. I have been thinking about you and Alex and praying for you both. I hope he is doing well. We love Karen, she is such a great nurse; she is the one who figured out that Ian was in pain and needed pain meds when I thought it was nausea. It was such a relief to have an experienced nurse figure out what was going on with him so we could help him to feel better. Please tell Alex we say hello and hope we can see him sometime again!

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