Day +25 – amazing news!

Ian’s chimerism study came back this morning as 100% donor!!! Praise God and thank all of you for your prayers!

Dr. N here was very excited for us. I asked how that was possible and he said that Ian still will have some of his own cells; the machine isn’t sophisticated enough to detect everything, but it cannot get any better than 100% and he has benefitted greatly from having a sibling donor.

It still is just the baseline number and it is more what happens in the year to come with the trend of the chimerism numbers, but for today, I am smiling about this news!

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2 thoughts on “Day +25 – amazing news!

  1. We couldn’t be more amazed at this process and for the courage and strength from your family. Ian is an amazing boy, a true miracle! You are in our hearts and mind every day!!

  2. Dear Ginger, Joey, Caid, Henry and Ian… you are in my heart, mind – and especially in my prayers – EVERY DAY… i was in tears when i read the GREAT news… i know that you will certainly still have your hands full in the coming months especially, and i KNOW that the Lord will continue to lead me in praying for your precious, amazing little Ian, and your whole family… God bless and keep you strong in His care! :))) <3

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