Day +26: Going Home Tomorrow!

walking the dog around the unit

The plan is for us to get out of here tomorrow!

Joey will be bringing Caid down to pick up me and Ian, and grammy Wren will be watching Henry so he can nap.

We will be coming back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for labwork and clinic visits with the doctor for the foreseeable future. Any fever will mean an automatic hospital re-admission for Ian, as long as he still has his broviac line, so please pray that no fevers happen anytime soon for this guy.

Ian really got a kick out of hunkering down under the crib!

I asked him where Henry was :) (pardon the egg-and-avocado mouth)

We will also do Henry’s immune function tests that Dr. Filipovich recommended, now that Ian is done with the BMT hospitalization.

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3 thoughts on “Day +26: Going Home Tomorrow!

  1. I am Cole’s grandpa and would lie to make a donation but my credit card does not recognize PayPal. If you give me yor mailing address I would like to send a check.


    • Ali, thank you so much…! Your generosity is so very appreciated. A little ways down in the right side of the page is a link to a PO Box we set up just for people who would rather send the family a letter, card or check. Thank you again, and we pray that Cole is doing well. I hope we get to see an update soon!

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