Day +27– home again

As you all know, Ian came home yesterday! Here are some pictures and a little bit about how the afternoon homecoming went…[by cnp]

Wren and i heard the car pull into the driveway. Caid came bursting through the front door, “Ian’s here, Ian’s home!!” He shouted, then ran back outside. Then took his shoes off and ran inside, then back outside again, all the while yelling, “Come on, guys! Come on!” Joey & Ginger could not get the baby and the bags out of the car fast enough for Caid…and he bounced on top of his shoes in the doorway, “Ian, Ian! Look he’s here! Come, on, mama!”

Once inside, Ginger put Ian down and he walked into the living room, taking in the strangely familiar surroundings. Henry, spotting Ian, walked toward him. His little hands began to shake, a huge smile grew on his face, and he all but tackled his twin brother in the sweetest welcome-home hug i have ever seen!

love. happy, happy love!

Poor Caid had to leave almost immediately for his swimming lesson, so he gave some extra hugs and kisses and he and Joey ran back out again.

For the next few hours, as Ian wandered around rediscovering his (very very clean) home, Henry would not leave his brother’s side. He followed Ian around, staring at him, smiling, giggling, giving him toys, and patting his bald head, saying “nice. nice.” Pulling him away to change his diaper was as bad as taking away a favorite toy.

patting the brother.

reading a book together.

more hugs from the happy brother!

Henry, at one point, ran to Ian and embraced him so tightly and fiercely, that it knocked them both to the ground…and still he wouldn’t let go! Needless to say, some intervention was necessary (but it was adorable.)

“hat”, said Henry.

The sweetness of having everyone back together was almost overwhelming, especially as mom and dad were so very tired.

resting, relaxing together

By the end of the evening the boys were all exhausted (Caid was asleep in bed with no dinner by 7:30, and Ian and Henry not too long after that!). Finally, the whole family all under one roof for the first time in 6 weeks. We’re all hoping Ian will soon adjust to nights in his own crib, without being woken up over & over, and not seeing mom or dad sleeping right next to him.

He is on lots of daily meds, and ginger flushes his broviac line once a day. The house will need to be kept extremely clean and uncontaminated as possible…A cleaning service came through a few days ago, and then Wren and i spent most of the day cleaning every toy, every surface, every wall, every inch of the floor, every table, chair and shelf, etc…and we had to bag all the pillows and soft, plush toys, as they can easily carry germs and bacteria! But it’s of the most tiny, miniscule of prices to pay to have Ian home again.

Your prayers and love and support are what have gotten this family here. Each meal, card and sweet word. God has been very good. Please continue to pray for no fevers, and restful sleep. Thank you! An update from Ginger will be coming soon…~~cnp

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3 thoughts on “Day +27– home again

  1. So precious to see Ian & Henry playing together again! So glad you are home now and that Ian is doing so well. Praise God! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you can catch up on some rest now. Love, Brent, Lisa, Evan & Ryan

  2. Oh my goodness! That is the best news ever. I’ve been following your story through my friend Sharon Nicholson. I can’t do anything but pray for your family but can’t stop myself from doing that. I will continue to do so.

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