Day +57… quick hello, and a few pictures

Ian receives his weekly dressing change from now-expert nurse “Mama” Ginger.

dressing change for the broviac…all done!

Ian is doing very well, his chimerism numbers fell slightly again as of his last appointment, but the doctors aren’t too worried.

As you’ve all probably guessed, things have been extremely busy around here…including, but not limited to, doctor visits, Caid’s summer activities, a kitty who has adopted the family (and Caid has christened “GreyGrey”), and lots of Baby Einstein.

lots of love for Baby Einstein around here.

feeding GreyGrey…because Ginger can’t stand to see a kitty go hungry. unfortunately, Caid is very allergic, and of course, Ian can’t be around animals…so if anyone’s looking for a sweet kitty let us know!

Ginger will update soon. Just wanted everyone to know things are continuing well, and in spite of the daily challenges, we feel extremely blessed. Keep those prayers going, and thank you again for all the love and graciousness you’ve shown… ~~cnp

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One thought on “Day +57… quick hello, and a few pictures

  1. not a day goes by that i don’t pray for your precious family… even my 5 year old niece and 11 year old nephew pray for “baby Ian” – even if they don’t understand all the details, they know God is doing a wonderful work in his life :)) …. SO blessed and thankful to the Lord for His loving hand upon all of you… and thank you for the updates, despite your obviously busy lives these days – ALL of you are pretty much hero’s in my book. <3

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