Day +61, more results of tests

so happy to be back visiting the nurses!

Ginger writes:

The rest of Ian’s cultures came back negative today, and he is still without fever, so if all that is still the case tomorrow, we will get discharged.

We received his latest chimerism results from Tuesday’s clinic visit, and he is at 91% donor, down from 94% two weeks ago. Not good news, but they consulted with Dr. Filipovich and have decided to stop his cyclosporine (which was already being tapered). The cyclosporine helps prevent graft vs host by suppressing the immune system, so the thought is that they will stop suppressing the graft/donor system that is dropping.

He is also receiving IVIG tonight because his IGG levels (antibody) were low, so it feels like less of a waste of time to be hospitalized tonight.

Looking forward to getting out of here tomorrow hopefully.

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3 thoughts on “Day +61, more results of tests

  1. Hi Ginger, We continue to pray and think about Ian. In fact Alex was talking about him today and how he is one of his friends. That’s a great picture of him. Take care.

    • Hi Janell, Thanks so much. Please tell Alex hi from all of us. How are things going with Alex’s treatment? We are thinking and praying for you, too.

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