Day +81… new update!

happy, happy to be feeling good!

Ian is continuing to do well after his stay in the hospital a few weeks ago. Thank you all so much, as always, for the love and prayers that brought Ian through.

Ginger writes:

Yesterday we had our weekly checkup/visit at CHOC. Chimerism was tested again, it was 88% last week, and 89% the week before that, so they will continue to watch it.

The good news is that the doctor discontinued more of his medications including Actigall, Fluconazole, and the weekly GCSF injection! (mean mommy had to do that one and it made both Ian and I feel super sad). Now he is only left with two antibiotics, Bactrim on the weekends and Keflex, which is not related to HLH or the BMT.

We also graduated to bi-weekly trips to CHOC!

A few other pictures:

the yogurt facial.

Caid’s first day of first grade!

Most people have noticed how dark Ian’s hair is growing in…it’s a side effect of one of his meds…and it’s not just on his head! We’ve taken to referring to him as a little werewolf. I wish you could get a good look at his sideburns…i’ll try to get a picture of that. ~cnp

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